The Best TV Console For You

A home theater system has slowly become a necessity for all households, with each one wanting to have the most immersive TV experience. This might be attributed to the decrease in TV watching time all across the world due to the rise of streaming services and YouTube. People might want the limited TV viewing they do to be a highly immersive and fun experience, making them go for big TVs and home theater systems.

There are a lot of things that go into making a perfect home theater experience, one that is acceptable to you and fits your needs and desires. The components that go into one is obviously the equipment. The television, the speakers, the streaming boxes, the gaming consoles, they are integral into an extraordinarily desirable home theater system. However, one component that is also integral happens to be of aesthetic value. The thing you need to make everything look great together and shine in all their glory is the perfect TV stand.

Obviously, all the things you buy for your home theater needs to be adjusted together in some place. It can’t be scattered all over the place. Other than messy, that kind of arrangement would make everything lose its appeal since the entire system looks best when it feels integrated together. To make sure you don’t have your prized home theater system going all over the place, you need to have an appropriate TV stand for it. It’s the thing you need to bring all your appliances together.

Why is a TV Stand Important

As previously mentioned, there are a number of things and components that go into making a real home theater system. The TV needs to be fitted and adjusted in some place. The speakers need their own fitting area. The streaming boxes, gaming consoles, DVD/Blu Ray players, all of them need their own specific space in your living room or wherever your entire setup is located. For your TV and system to have a homogenous feel to it, and to increase ease of accessibility for everything around, you need a TV console that is shaped exactly for that. This includes specific spots for the TV, for the speakers, and for everything else. Imagine an entire area of your room being the home theater system being covered by the home theater system, an entire world dedicated to just that. That is what a TV stand or a TV console can help you do.

What To Look for In A TV Stand

The best TV stands are the ones that are best suited for your TV system. As they say, the best products are the ones that suit your needs the best. This is true for TV stands as well. Think about the TV cabinets that are most suited to holding your system and protecting it, while allowing you to access everything easily whenever you feel like it. The TV cabinets you need are the ones that allow you the access to devices that you need for your daily operations.

The Best TV Stands for You

Obviously, just like any other product, there are numerous TV stands available in the market. And there is just one that fits your needs. To help you with your choice, we have compiled a list of TV stands that happen to be very best in their specific size category. Obviously, the price of the stands is a secondary matter that should not really kept in mind when making the best possible interior design choice for your house. However, to help you, prices of the respective stands have been mentioned. Here are the stands you need to look at:

The Willow 74-inch TV Stand

This stand is our pick for the perfect TV console. Not only does it look fantastic with its rustic aesthetic and the three colors it is available in, it happens to be provide an immense amount of storage. With multiple TV cabinets and a very large space for as big a TV as you want, this is the TV stand for the people who happen to have a number of appliances and objects related to their home theater system. It happens to be available for $ 550.99.

The Crate & Barrel Crowne 72-inch Media Console

This is another large TV console. Although it does not offer the immense storage that the Willow 74-inch does, it does happen to offer some great materials and a classic design that is absolutely gorgeous. This TV console offers 2 cabinets and plenty of shelf space. With its size, it is big enough for most TVs. However, it happens to be on the high end, costing $ 999.

The South Shore Adrian TV Stand

If you happen to crave the best possible sound and have a special sound device, or an extra speaker for the speaker, you need to have a TV stand with specific space allotted to that. If you happen to be looking for that kind of TV stand, you need to check out the South Shore Adrian TV Stand. With a very wide soundbar shelf, which could be used for objects besides soundbars as well, and six shelves, the South Shore Adrain offers a lot of space. Being 75-inches long, this spacey TV console costs $ 309.99.

The Galbraith 44-inch TV Stand

Not everyone has huge TVs or need a huge space to have all their appliances in order. For people who like to be on the minimalistic side of things, the Galbraith 44-inch is a great pick. With a traditional design, this TV stand is available in 7 colors and offers two big TV cabinets behind glass doors. Offering enough space and a solid design, this TV stand is available for $ 150.

The Vivo VESA TV Stand

If you are looking for a budget TV stand, this is what you need. This is essentially a sleek TV shelf that can hold TVs up to 65 inches. It may not be the best pick for heavier TVs or give you space, but it’s a great TV console if you don’t need a huge TV stand covering most of your room. This budget TV stand costs just $ 17.