Top 5 Furniture iPhone Apps

With the advances made in technology, especially in the field of Augmented Reality, it is just normal that there are so many iPhone Apps available to help us with different aspects of living. For furniture and interior design, there has never been a better time in history to get things right. There are several iOS Apps that can help you get the right furniture for your room in the right places and we are going to briefly consider the very top ones.

Ikea Place

This is one of the most popular furniture apps and there is a good reason for that. The amazing iOS App is so easy to use. All you have to do s download app, open it and grant permission to use your iPhone camera, and then a lot can happen from then. You can proceed to design your room the way you want. You will be amazed at the variety of furniture at your disposal – tables, chairs, sofas, storage solutions, etc. you can download this App directly from the Apple Store and obtain the ultimate furniture solution.

furniture app


Houzz is also a very wonderful app that is quite popular among interior designers. While it is not solely for furniture, it can help you to get the right furniture for your room by visualizing how exactly they will look before buying them. There is a new ‘View in the Room 3D’ feature in this iOS App that let you try out varieties of amazing furniture in your room before purchasing the. This completely eliminate the possibility of regretting buying a piece of furniture.


This is one iOS App that has been severally praised for its amazing interface. The App is not specifically made for furniture alone – it lets you build, restyle, and redecorate your room with flooring, wall colours, and furniture from real brands. There is also a walk-through mode to lets you take a virtual tour of your design to see if that is what you really want. It is almost mistake proof.

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Though Homestyler is not technically an AR app, it is still one of the very best iPhone Apps for furniture and interior design. It may not allow you to place furniture in your room in real time, but it will take a still photo and turn it into 3D. The App will also let you alter a few things in your room to give you an idea of how the furniture will look with some adjustment. It also offers furniture from different brands.

furniture app


This is a new iOS App from a new company can helping not just in picking the right furniture but in designing your house to become the home you dream you’ve always dreamt of. You can use the app to design on a real room background and feel how the furniture will look in your room. Using this app, it might be a little challenging to find the right angle for a furniture as it doesn’t make use of 3D models. This is compensated by the fact that user experience is really impressive. There are also so many products from different brands to choose from.

As has been stated earlier, interior design has been made much simpler. With the number of iOS Apps available, you can get the exact furniture that will give your room that feeling of completeness.